The Runaway – a magical children’s picture book

Marianne Cooper’s The Runaway offers parents and children to explore feelings around difficult issues through a beautifully illustrated picture book.

The Runaway - Marianne Cooper

A sad and frustrated boy runs away from home on a magical journey to find inner peace.

Painterly illustrations and a soothing text beautifully evoke the strong feelings that can overwhelm children, and the hope that follows.

Fighting parents. A pestering sister. Making mistakes. For this frustrated boy, trying to be good all the time is exhausting. When he tries to get away from it all by running away, will he find the peace he is looking for? Artfully written by Marianne Cooper and featuring her dreamlike and painterly illustrations, “The Runaway” is a newly released picture book that conveys that running away from our big feelings is never the answer.

Sad, scared and worried, the boy’s emotions make him feel that he needs to get away from it all, to find a calm and peace that eludes him at home. It is too much for him to bear.

As the sun slipped further behind the horizon, the boy stood up. He glanced back at his house one last time, and then he turned and ran. He pumped his arms and legs as fast as they would allow, but he could not get away fast enough.

As he runs, he transforms into strong, brave creatures that can take him faster and farther – a powerful horse galloping through a field, a massive wolf bounding with ease through the forest, a majestic eagle soaring away through the sky, and more. The further he runs, the further he gets away from everything he wishes to forget. He finally gets as far enough away as he can, and he is all alone. But this loneliness, is it what will bring him peace, after all?

Children’s social and emotional struggles are an important discussion in today’s topsy-turvy world. Through her thoughtful text and lively illustrations, Marianne Cooper masterfully weaves a gentle and poignant story about the sometimes-hopeless feeling of anxiety and the tool of reimagining them in a different way in order to overcome them. Families and teachers of young children will welcome the opportunity for discussion that the book will bring to address these big feelings.

The Runaway by Marianne Cooper is available as hardback on Amazon priced £20.00.

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Last modified: October 12, 2021

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