Ogilvy is a Saint no more

New gangster drama We Still Kill the Old Way, starring Ian Ogilvy, pits ageing mobsters against street thugs on London’s streets.

Ian Ogilvy in revenge drama We Still Kill the Old Way

Cinema screens are awash with crime and gangster thrillers featuring vacant-looking musclemen with male model looks and the acting ability of a bag of crisps, so it's nice to see a new British production offering an interesting twist on why you should respect your elders.  

Former gangland Mr Big, Richie (Ian Ogilvy), trades the sun-kissed calm of Spain for his old stamping ground on the streets of London and returns to his roots on a violent quest for vengeance.

Richie brings back together his old firm of sharply dressed, well-seasoned villains – who have a reputation for taking prisoners – and lest you be disappointed, they set about their work, ridding the streets of drug dealers and gang bangers, with commendable vigour.

Written by Dougie Brimson and Gary Lawrence this drama could be worth looking out for, judging by the trailer, as the hoods, whose heyday is a hazy memory, embark on a revenge spree that brings old skool gang law into the 21st century.

We Still Kill the Old Way

Released in cinemas from Tuesday 16 December.

Stars Ian Ogilvy, Alison Doody, Danny-Boy Hatchard, Chris Ellison, Lysette Anthony, Tony Denham, Red Madrell, Nicky Henson with James Cosmo and Steven Berkoff


Last modified: November 3, 2014

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