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Performer Lynne Jassem will take to the stage at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Having started her career dancing on The Perry Como show, Lynne has been s…


Lynne Jassem, a tap dancer, monologist, comic and singer is jetting across the pond with her show ‘From Como to Home’ to perform at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Having started her career dancing on The Perry Como show at the young age to 10, Lynne is still on the road and has been speaking to us about her life as a performer.

How did your early fame shape your childhood? It made me want more; more, more, the thrill of the stage never left me.

It must have been nice growing up knowing what you want to be! You’ve always been surrounded by performance, with your mother (Judy Garland) having a strong stage presence herself, how did this affect your relationship with her? Oh Boy! Sometimes I loved her; sometimes I hated her, as the song goes. I wanted to please her but I also wanted her to sit down and be quiet.

A relationship most of can relate to with our mothers… How do you find life on the road? Do you ever get tired of touring? Extremely tired! 3 months was about the time I was ready to draw my own blood.

Then what motivates you to carry on performing when you’re so tired and can hardy keep your eyes open? It’s a sickness, you remember the thrill of the connection with the audience and you work very hard to write a show, do the music, choreograph the dancing and stage the bits; you have to perform it so you can rework the bits.

Do you still feel the same rush of adrenaline performing now as when you first took to the stage age 10? Absolutely! By the end of the first ten minutes I am calm and 100 percent into it but those jitters, oy!

Having been in the spotlight for many years, how do you think the perceptions of fame have changed overtime? Good Question! I have come to feel that when something is good I will know it and that will be its own reward. Audiences change; with location, time of day etc… but your gut is your true gauge. Success for me is just that feeling that I have truly done well.

Good Answer! Your show ‘Como to Homo’ is a reflection upon your life as a 10 year old girl, have any major events in your adult life inspired you? The show actually goes from 10 to about 20 Plus. I have been inspired by so many things, falling in love, choreographing a terrific tap number, the strength of people as they fight debilitating diseases, a child’s wonder, animals, innocence, great performances, be it dance acting or film and even a blue sky.

So you’re inspired every day! Your performance appeals to a range of audiences but is there an age group that you feel most connected to in terms of your own experiences? For some parts of the show an older audience would appreciate what they could remember, the rest of the show could be for any age group; universal ideas of sickness, strength, hope, achievement.

What has been your most memorable performance? I did a show on tour in German, it was called Rhythm Anonymous. I had such confidence in the love of my audience and my connection I started to improvise on stage; I did some really funny things which I kept in that show.

Going off script, very brave… What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? “This is my show, and my story and no one else can tell me how it should be performed.”

What great advice, thanks Lynne

From Como to Homo 

Will be performed at the Sweet Venue, Grassmarket at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from the 05-29 August, for tickets go to www.edfringe.com

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