Author: David Woodward

Are house prices about to collapse?

Property, Finance

David Woodward, managing director of Woodward Financials, looks at a volatile property market and economy and queries whether that bubble is about to burst.

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Is your financial success down to blind luck, skill, or fate?

News & Views

Many have a rollercoaster ride through life seeking financial success and freedom. Indeed, my financial freedom started with my first...

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Sneaky financial advertising relies on white lies

News & Views

Financial advertising is reaching near saturation levels. David Woodward looks for an escape and asks do these products hold any value...

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Loss of income – what do you do?

News & Views

1 in 6 working families would receive little or no help if the main earner was unable to work due to sickness!!!

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Pension management – 80% per cent of over 50s clueless


You could argue that your pension is not being properly managed if you have not had your risk assessed in the last 12 months. David...

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